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The chairman of  Kzltepe Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mahmut DÜNDAR on behalf of our chamber , with the participation of Minister of Agriculture and Forest Dr.Bekir Pakdemirli  attended the Eastern and Southeastern Regional Consultation Meeting attended by  approximately 30 Chamber and Exchange Presidents from the Eastern and Southeastern Region.
In the Eastern and Southeastern Regional Consultation Meeting, Chamber and Stock Exchange Presidents discussed the issues they face in their provinces and expressed their opinions and suggestions to find solutions.
During the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kzltepe Commodity Exchange, Mehmet ahin hold the floor stating that the consultation meeting was an important opportunity for the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and  expressed to Minister Pakdemirli  the problems of the active members of  Mardin Provincial and Organized Industrial Zone and offered solutions to the problems.
President ahin stated to Minister Pakdemirli that the ban on flour export is affecting our industrialists operating in the field of flour production in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone and that the ban on flour export  made from domestic wheat puts industrialists in a difficult situation and the domestic wheat is kept in stocks  and that  if the prohibition continues for a longer period the farmers will also experience great  hardships in terms of employment as well as wheat sales therefore demanded  the export of flour made from domestic wheat be resumed as soon as possible. 
President ahin stated that  GAP action plan will eliminate the economic and social development difference among the regions and it will be carried into effect as a project of liberation from unemployment and immigration problems and that it will become a new milestone and an era for our country and region. Also, President ahin expressed that our greatest expectation is that the establishment of GAP irrigation channels as well as irrigation pond be accelerated and completed as soon as possible.
President Sahin stated that , although Soil Products Office in Mardin Province determined the price of aftercrop corn  as 0.760 / Ton yet did not buy corn and demanded that the support premium of grained corn be paid and the informality be eliminated and that the Soil Products Office buy grained crops he acceleration of Agriculture-Based Grant Investments within the scope of Rural Development Supports.

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ekrem Pakdemirli said '' We wish that the establishment of  GAP irrigation channels will be maintained in a rapid manner and will  reach mesopotamia soon. We as Soil Products Office(TMO)  are closely following the markets regarding grain corn. Particularly we have realized that there might be a development regarding corn prices that might be disadvantageous to our producers. As Soils Products Office , we bought the corn for 760 TL last year but from tomorrow on we will start to buy corn for  950 TL. Our producers should not be worried about the product prices.Within 10 days the product prices will have  been transferred into the accounts of our producers. On avarage, considering receiving  around 50-55 TL producers will receive 5 thousand TL.
Minister Pakdemirli, '' As for the flour ban, due to the economic problems we are facing a convention was put into practice and we need some time. Hopefully  we will overcome the problems as soon as possible  and eliminate all the issues experienced related to exports and resume the exports as desired.
In the conclusion part of the consultation meeting , the problems and solution offers  were decided reported and forwarded to Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) and relevant ministries

Date: 2018-10-17
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