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Within the scope of the “81 Academic Advisors to 81cities   Project conducted by OBB / TEPAV, In order to contribute to local / national / international development activities in Mardin, 13th  joint meetings were held with the participation of all Chambers / Commodity Exchanges. The meeting was conducted in cooperation with Nusaybin Chamber of Commerce at Mardin Artuklu University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (MAÜ BF). The participants of the meeting held on November 15, 2018 were as follows:  The chairman of Nusaybin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NTSO) Mahsum Özmen, Secretary General Abdulkadir Güne, Quality and Accreditation Officer lhan Özmen, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kzltepe Commodity Exchange (KTB) Mehmet ahin, Secretary General Abdulkadir ahin, Deputy Secretary General Metin Sert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kzltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KTSO) Mahmut Dündar, General Secretary Ahmet Aslan, Quality and Accreditation Officer Velit Aydn,   Mardin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) Vice Chairman Gümar Budak, Secretary General Çetin Sasa, Necdet Akta, Secretary General Abdullah Dal, Quality and Accreditation Officer Ercan Çelik, TOBB / TEPAV, Mardin Provincial / District Academic Advisor and Faculty Member at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of   Mardin Artuklu University ( MAÜ)  Associate Professor , Mehmet Behzat Ekinci.

 The agenda items of the meeting were as follows  Good Practice Examples of Mardin Chambers / Commodity Exchanges, Media Coverage, Technopark / Technopolis Establishment in Mardin, Project Expert Employment in Chambers / Commodity Exchanges, Academic Cosultancy, Term Activities and Action Plan.  Good practice examples of Mardin chambers / commodity exchanges were discussed in detail the meeting. In this context, each Chamber/Commodity Exchanges shared information on their projects and negotiations were conducted in this regard. Some of the practices / projects presented by the Chambers / Commodity Exchanges are as follows: NTSO(Nusaybin Chamber of Commerce and Industry): Establishment of Tekstilkent in Nusaybin; Training programs for management, staff and members.  KTB(Kzltepe  Commodity Exchange); Mardin Food Analysis and Trade Capacity Oriented Support Project, Greece and Italy Chamber of Commerce Capacity Building EU Project aimed at Bulgur and Pasta Sector, Technical Assistance Project for Licensed Warehousing and Authorized Classification Training, Institutional Capacity Building Technical Support Project, Research and Examination Programme  for MAU Economics Students, Training programs for management, staff and members, Derik Halhal Olive Oil Geographical Indication Project, Kzltepe Red Lentil Geographical Indication Project. KTSO (Kzltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry) : “Purpose-oriented“ satisfaction surveys to members,  Training programs for management, staff and members.  MTSO: Within the scope of  integration of Syrians into Turkey In cooperation with TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges)  ”Vocational  Project“. NTB: Technical Assistance for Project Preparation from DIKA, Infrastructure works for the establishment of Grain Analysis Laboratory, Establishment of ”Member Promotion Center'' as part of Strategic Plan, Realization of  an 'Agricultural Workshop'  in  Nusaybin for the region,  Licensed Warehousing Project. The establishment of a Technopark / Technopolis in Mardin was another agenda item. In this regard, a presentation was made concerning the establishment of a technopolis aiming at preparing a fertile environment for entrepreneurs,becoming a bridge between University and Industry and increasing their contribution to regional development. MAU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty members: Teaching fellow Dr. Ahmet Kayaolu, Academic member Dr Ömer Doru, Research assistant Mehmet Sadk Aydn, Research assistant slam Altun, Research assistant Abdurrahman Ocakhanolu attended the meeting and the idea of establishing a technopolis was shared and the support by Chambers/Stock Exchanges  were investigated. All of the institutions found the idea favourable  and expressed that they would contribute within the bounds of possibility. Another issue discussed in the meeting was related to Mardin Chambers / Stock Exchanges Joint Project Team. In this context, the benefits of a specific Project Expert position to focus on projects was emphasized to be important.  Chambers /Stock  Exchanges decided to put this issue on their agenda. The XIV Joint Meeting, was decided to be hosted by Kzltepe Commodity Exchange and held in March 2019.




Date: 2018-11-15
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