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The November  Board of Directors meeting of  Dicle Development Agency (DIKA), which was attended by Quality and Accreditation and Industry Unit Officer Velit AYDIN held under the chairmanship of Mardin Governor Mustafa Yaman.

At a meeting held in a hotel, the agency's activity reports were presented to the board members and ideas were exchanged about the proposed projects. 

Some projects were presented to the board members and decisions were taken on the process to be followed. At the meeting, the projects being implemented with the DKA support and the written requests from the projects whose implementation process completed were discussed and information regarding the final conditions and provisions of the contract were given and decisions were taken on the process to be followed about the projects.

Following the discussion of the general agenda items at the ordinary meeting, together with the board members and with the participation of industry and technology directorates, KOSGEB provincial directorates, organized industrial zones, universities, businessmen and industrialists of Mardin, Batman, rnak and Siirt , The special agenda item titled "The Future of Our Industry on the Way of National Technology, Powerful Industrial Moves" was discussed.

In the written statement about the closed-door meeting, ''The purpose of the special agenda meeting is to evaluate the problems, demands and expectations of our stakeholders with the members of the board of directors at the decision-making level in the provinces and to consider  the countributions that might  shed light on the operations to be conducted by   Ministry of Industry and Technology.

 In the continuation of the statement, "New Economic Program" covering the years 2019-2021 aims to reestablish financial stability in the short term, to stabilize the economy and to ensure budgetary discipline, and to achieve economic change towards sustainable growth and fair share in the medium term. The continuous exchange of information and opinions between local and central level is necessary to form the foundations of an economic transformation based on localization of industrial products, with the aim of strengthening  national technology, establishing strong industry move and strengthening the industrial base.

In order for 'National Technology, Powerful Industrial Movement' to produce successful results, an accurate diagnosis of problems with Turkey's industrial development as well as  obtaining recommendations that can meet  the demands and expectations of the visionary, innovative, qualified people is neccessary. Clear and concise clarification of the problems and suggestions will enable the policies and practices to be developed in the following stages to become more focused and accurate. "

Along with Mardin Governor Mustafa Yaman,  Batman Governor Hulusi Sahin, rnak Governor Mehmet Akta, DIKA Secretary General Ylmaz Altunda, chamber and provincial council chairmen, Provincial Director of technology, managers of organized industrial zones attended the meeting

Date: 2018-11-23
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