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National Employment Mobilization Assessment Meeting was held at the Governorate's Meeting Hall. The meeting was held under the presidency of Mardin Governor and Deputy Mayor Mustafa Yaman was attended by Provincial Director of                 Social Security Institution (SGK) Abdulkerim Sahin, Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Hüsnü Bengin Efetürk, DIKA Secretary General Yilmaz Altindag, hairman of the Board of Directors of Kzltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mahmut DÜNDAR.  

The meeting which was attended by the heads of Mardin Provincial / District Chambers and Commodity Exchanges as well as           Turkish Employment Organization(KUR), Social Security Institution (SGK),NGOs and Mardin businessmen was hosted by Mardin Governorate.

Some Remarks on the Meeting are as follows:

Within the scope of Employment Mobilization 2019, 8 different incentives are offered  to our entrepreneurs and  business world and many of them are considered as historical supports. I'm going to tell you about the two of them that I think are very important.

First of all ; of April for each additional employment you provide ,the government will pay the full wage, insurance premiums and tax for  full 3 months until the end of April. For exactly three months the employer spend zero on expenditure.

Our government will have met the amount of TL 3,131 including insurance and taxes of 2,021 TL and 1,113 TL. The employer will employ a new unemployed citizen at zero cost. For the next nine months, our state will continue to pay insurance premiums and taxes. That means  our state will provide 1.113 TL monthly. We, as employers, will only pay the fee to our employees. If the person to be recruited is either female, young or disabled, the 9-month period will be extended to 15 months.

Again in the manufacturing industry and informatics sector, the premium and tax incentive of TL 1.113 TL  will be provided as 2.712 TL. I call on the business world from here. Come and benefit from this historic incentive. We would like to thank our government for implementing such an incentive.

Mardin Governor / Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yaman was present at the meeting and the participants were informed about employment-oriented projects and government incentives.

Date: 2019-03-15
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