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The participants of the meeting, which conducted  on 19 March 2019, were as follows: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kzltepe Commodity Exchange (KTB) Mehmet ahin, Secretary General Abdulkadir ahin, Deputy Secretary General Metin Sert; Mahmut Dündar, Chairman of Kzltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KTSO) , Secretary General Ahmet Aslan, Quality and Accreditation Officer Velit Aydn,  Chairman of  Mardin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) Mehmet Ali Tuta, Secretary General Çetin Sasa, Chairman of Nusaybin Commodity Exchange (NTB) Necdet Akta, General Secretary Abdullah Dal, Quality and Accreditation Officer Ercan Çelik; Chairman of Board of Directors of  Nusaybin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NTSO) Mahsum Özmen,  Secretary General Abdulkadir Güne, TOBB / TEPAV, Mardin Provincial Chamber / Exchange Academic Advisor and MAÜ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department Member Assoc. Porf.Dr. Mehmet Behzat Ekinci.


The agenda items of the meeting were as follows: Good Practice Examples of Mardin Chambers / Commodity Exchanges, Media Coverage, MAU-Chambers / Commodity Exchanges Field Studies, Research on ”Internal / External Economies“ with OSB and the companies around, 10. Turkey, TOBB Economics Council (Trade and Industry Council) review, Employment Mobilization 2019, Participation in the Summer Term Research-Review Program, MAU-Chamber / Exchange Collaboration: Graduate Program Thesis, MAU-Chamber / Exchange Joint Publication: Regional Development Oriented University Model, Mardin Artuklu University (MAÜ) as a Model, Academic Consultancy Term Activities and Action Plan.


Mardin Chambers / Exchanges provided information about the best practices they carried out during this period.

Here are some of the applications / projects submitted by the Chambers / Exchanges:

• KTB: Derik Halhali Olive Oil Geographical Signage Project, Kzltepe Red Lentil Geographical Sign Project,Regulation of Licensed Warehousing and Authorized Classification Training Program, Capacity Building Projects with Chambers of Commerce in Greece and Italy , Geographically  Indicated  Mardin Bulgur  (Cracked Wheat) is opening to new markets.

• KTSO: Preparing the project (Ur-Ge) to increase the international competitiveness of Kzltepe Bulgur Production Sector.

• MTSO: The Integration of Syrians in Turkey within the scope of "Vocational Training Project: Mahir Hands ProgramiIn cooperation with EU, TOBB and related institutions ".

• NTB: Land acquisition efforts for the construction of Grain Trade Center in Nusaybin, Inviting TÜRSAB Administration to Nusaybin to increase tourism potential and activities to include this destination on tours and trips , Organizing an information meeting on employment mobilization for members and Financial Counselors in cooperation with SGK, Conducting  negotiations with relevant institutions for the Livestock Market,

•NTSO: Preparing the project for the establishment of Tekstilkent in Nusaybin and submitting it to the Development Agency  (DIKA).


Collaborations with Mardin Artuklu University were dealt with specifically during the meeting and the issue of increasing them in the new period was discussed.

• Field research on ”Internal / External Economies“ with OSB and the companies around were discussed  and was decided to be contiuned.

•  Continuation of the Summer Term Research-Review Program was decided

•  Regional Development Oriented University Model which is MAU-Chambers / Exchanges Joint Publication, the publication named ‘’ Mardin Artuklu (MAÜ) Model were decided to be repeated with new versions in the new era.

•  Utilizing MAU postgraduate human resources, reports and researches for the members were decided to be prepared.

• In particular  the Chambers / Commodity Exchanges  agreed  to  provide  direct / indirect support in case the regional development goals are prioritized in graduate dissertations


In this context, Mardin Province / County Chambers / Exchanges, reaffirmed that hey suppor tthis campaign aiming at providing  2,500,000 new job opportunities in Turkey and have declared that they will increase their activities with an increasing level.

The 15th Joint Meeting was decided to be held in July 2019 by the Nusaybin Commodity Exchange.

Date: 2019-03-19
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