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The Chambers / Commodity Exchanges of Mardin Province / Districts (Kiziltepe Commodity Exchange, Kiziltepe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mardin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nusaybin Commodity Exchange, Nusaybin Chamber of Commerce and Industry) conducted a field study on the Agriculture and Livestock Structure of Mardin with the Coordination of Public Private and Mixed Sector Cooperation of Mardin Artuklu University (MAÜKÖK).


MAU Department of Economics Faculty Member, MAÜKÖK Coordinator and TOBB/TEPAV and Mardin Province/Districts Chamber/Stock Exchange . This research, conducted under the direction of Mehmet Behzat Ekinci with the contributions of students of the Departments of Economics and Business Administration, is a joint study of the Chambers / Commodity Exchanges of Mardin Province / Districts with Mardin Artuklu University (MAU).


On October 25-29, 2023.With this field study conducted with the participating companies of the9th  International Mardin Agricultural Equipment, Food and Livestock Fair (MAGROTEX’23), it is aimed to identify the problems related to the agriculture and livestock structure of Mardin from the point of view of companies closely related to these sectors and to put forward relevant solution proposals.


A total of 22 fair exhibitor companies, 8 of them from Mardin and 14 from outside Mardin (Diyarbakr, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Mersin, Tekirda, Urfa), tried to answer the following 2 (two) main questions in the research conducted by face-to-face survey method.

1.What are your assessments (capacity/problems) about the agriculture and livestock structure in Mardin?
2.What can be done to eliminate the problems related to the agriculture and livestock structure in Mardin?

The answers given within the scope of the survey were collated and subjected to general due diligence and evaluation.


Some of the results and related recommendations that emerged from the research can be listed as follows:


In general, the participants indicate that Mardin has a high agricultural potential, but agricultural production is carried out under capacity, as well as the areas used are not consciously processed.
Similarly, the participants stated that Mardin's animal husbandry capacity is high, but this is low in practice.
One of the main problems expressed about agriculture and animal husbandry is the failure to follow long-term policies related to these activities. In addition, it is stated that agriculture and animal husbandry activities are carried out under limited conditions.
Some participants; expressing that there is not enough support for agriculture, they draw attention to the fact that Turkey has ceased to be a productive country.
Referring to the importance of digitalization in agriculture, some participants stated that some producers are making unnecessary expenses within this framework.
In addition, problems such as drought, lack of agricultural crop diversity and agricultural irrigation were also mentioned.




.The participants draw attention to the need to follow long-term policies instead of short-term ones in agriculture. Within this framework, new investments should be made in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, but they should also be organized in the right way.
.In agricultural and livestock production, the unconsciousness of producers is mentioned and within this framework, the need to raise awareness of them by reaching larger segments is emphasized.
.In addition, the issue of support is mentioned and programs for producers to access agricultural equipment under appropriate conditions are mentioned.
.A specially addressed issue is digitalization in agriculture. In this context, attention is drawn to the need to take conscious steps towards digitalization and to make expenditures according to needs. In addition, it is stated that manufacturers need to plan their expenses more.
.The limitation of the agricultural product variety in Mardin is also mentioned as a problem and attention is drawn to the need to turn to alternative products.
.Participants; As in agriculture, long-term projects for animal husbandry should also be implemented.
The issue of pasture for animal husbandry activities is also mentioned. Within this framework, it is stated that pastures need to be increased in order to increase their capacity.
.The participants draw attention to the need for intensive support mechanisms in animal husbandry activities as well as in agricultural activities. In this context, they state that in order for livestock to be raised, the public should provide support, especially animal supply, veterinary services and feed. 
.The problem of agricultural irrigation is another issue that is expressed with special importance. In this context, attention is drawn to the need to develop irrigation infrastructure.
.Participants also express the existence of a vicious circle related to irrigation and electrical energy. Paid payers In this context, they express that the power outages for those who do not pay also negatively affect those who pay the cost of energy. Therefore, they indicate that a radical solution to this problem should be found.

Mardin Artuklu University and the Chambers / Stock Exchanges of Mardin Province / Districts stated that similar studies involving determinations, evaluations and economic policy proposals related to the city and region will be continued by making such collaborations.

Date: 2023-12-18
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